So either you stumbled upon this page or you were directed here. In case, welcome to the home of Robert Underwood. Obviously, I’m Robert Underwood. Let me tell you a bit about myself.


I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. As class valedictorian at Oliver High School in 2005, I was expected to do great things. Then I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematical sciences from Carnegie Mellon University in 2009 into the worst recession seen since the Great Depression.

Not a promising start.

Since then, I’ve bounced around in various fields. In my career, I’ve been a desk attendant, test grader, appraisal and BPO reviewer, customer service representative, and bank teller. I went with being apathetic about politics to a conservative and from being unsaved to a born-again Christian. There have been various tips and tricks that I’ve picked up along the way, some of which I hope to share.  Some of those were put to the test as I completed a Master’s degree in Analytics from American University.


For those seeking knowledge or more information, there are some things that may interest you.  I have a section of helpful tools and resources on a few topics.  Also, don’t forget about my blog, Ranting Robert.


If you wish to contact me, I can be reached on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, or Google+.  Also, feel free to check out my resume.